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Maison Martinique

At Last, Vero Beach has some additional dining venues. Maison Martinique on South Ocean Drive (formerly Chez Yannick), is now open. Yannick Martin and his wife, Valerie, preside over the kitchen and dining room. The menu selections are unmatched in Vero Beach as is the service.

Yannick Martin is particularly known for his sauces, curried dishes, and elegant desserts and formerly operated Cafe du Sour on Royal Palm Pointe. His haute French cuisine draws guests daily from Palm Beach and Stuart and reservations are required.

Guests are requested to wear jackets, however Valerie Martin admitted that as a resort destination, many guests arrive wearing flip flops and T-shirts An upstairs bar with live music is available for drinks before or after dinner and is proving a popular retreat for the 30-50 crowd.

Maison Martinique isn't cheap. Dinner (with a fabulous salad) will run about $50. Guests are rewarded with fine linens and exquisite food presentations. Unlike many other pretentious upscale restaurants here, Maison Martinique offers butter knives, proper cocktail forks, and cream soup spoons.

The restaurant's selection of wines is proving popular with guests who cherish imported beverages from France, Italy, South Africa, Chile, and Australia. Dinner reservations are taken until approximately 9:15 P.M.

Maison Martinique can seat the same number of guests as Cafe du Soir. The restaurant has been completely redesigned and reconfigured since its days as the popular Chez Yannick. it offers an elegant, faintly casual Caribbean atmosphere

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